october, 2023

Hypno-Magick Nights at The White Rock Hotel

The White Rock HotelCompleted19oct7:30 pm10:00 pmHypno-Magick Nights at The White Rock HotelA series of fascinating, educational and interactive talks on Hypnosis for the curious to the expert. Event TagsHypnotismEvent Type Theatre and cabaret


The White Rock Hotel

Seafront, 1-10 White Rock Hastings East Sussex TN34 1JU

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(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm(GMT+00:00)

Event Details

A series of fascinating, educational and interactive talks on Hypnosis for the curious to the expert. Expect the unexpected..
Connect with like-minded people for a deeply satisfying mix of mind-boggling information, education, entertainment and take-away tools to explore the potentials of the imagination and change your mind forever.


Meet at the hotel bar at 7.30pm. For a smooth journey into trance, the event starts promptly at 8.00 in the basement bar.
Hypnosis – What’s it all about?
Many think that hypnosis is about giving over control of your mind to someone else, but the truth is that your mind is already being manipulated constantly, via advertising and the media, in politics and pillow talk – wherever humans use language to communicate.
With hypnosis, we can go into trance knowingly and choose how to guide our own minds. Remaining conscious and learning how cognition and imagination work from the inside, we can extend our influence into aspects of ourselves that are usually beyond our reach – our heartbeats, our mental imagery, our learned reactions, even our futures…
Hypno-Magick Nights
Join transformational hypnotist Danny Nemu for these monthly Thursday night events from July to October 2023 to explore the above and beyond. Come to one, or even better come to all: see below for the schedule and use Eventbrite to book and pay for tickets.
Your Hypnotist
Danny Nemu is a hypnotherapist, mind-hacker and international public speaker on a mission to democratise trance and unleash the powers of the mind unfettered. He is the author of Science Revealed and Neuro-apoclaypse, and he lives in Hastings with three white rats and his mind.
Four sessions
1) The infinite creativity of mind
Thursday 20th July 2023
Trance can take you wherever you want to go – a beloved place from your childhood, a landscape from your dreams or the library of the magician. There you can interact with the characters, learn from their point of view, and integrate their perspectives into your life. Is there somewhere you’d like to go back to, or sideways to, to help you move forward? Let’s explore the basics of hypnosis, first in theory and then in practice, slipping in and out of a deep state of creativity, oiling the hinges of the door to the mystery. Close your eyes and relax…
2) Imagining the future, the Art of Persuasion & Blocks to Success
Thursday 28th August
How can the imagination help us achieve our goals and meet with success? Perhaps you want better health, a different career or a livelier sex life? Take a deep breath and relax… In this session, we will drop down through the turbulence of the everyday mind to a deeper place of stillness, and generate a vision of where we want to be in the near future. Once we have sketched out the vision, sharpened the edges and hung it above the mental mantelpiece, we’ll look at some simple techniques of communication and persuasion that can help our vision take root take in the minds of the people who can help bring it to fruition.
3) Guides and helpers from the depths of the mind
Thursday 21st September
We can engage with powerful energies and archetypes that millions of years of evolution have etched into the code of our DNA and our collective memory. All the experiences of our ancestors are ours to access, and we can bring them into our lives as allies and helpers by slipping behind the narrative of the now into the eternal stories of our deeper selves.
Let’s explore together where we want to go and what elemental, animal and archetypical forces we wish to enter into relation with. We will learn to draw upon their powers and bring their wisdom and power into our lives, for the pleasure and profit of ourselves and the people around us.
4) Hypnosis and the Occult
Thursday 19th October 2023
Trance opens a door to the imaginal, and magick streams back through into our lives. The mind turns inwards to the sound of a shaman’s rattle, the words of an incantation or the swing of the hypnotist’s watch.
Gentlemen hypnotists have tried to cleanse hypnosis of the stain of the occult, but the spirits of trance sometimes have their own ideas. John Elliotson, president of Royal Society, made a valiant attempt, though before long his hypnotic subject was predicting which patients would live or die on the ward from apparitions of the angel of death. His student John Esdaile met with great success using hypnosis for amputations in his hospitals in Calcutta, but he soon found he could cause one subject to fall asleep into his curry in the room next door simply by thinking about him. Let’s descend into the crack between the worlds, through hypnosis into trance and into magick, and see what we can discover in the annals of history and the library of the magician
Take a deep breath…