Tim Loud (full band) – live at The Albion, Hastings (photos and video)

Toxic Wotsit presents...
He's a little bit country and a whole lot of punk - he's Tim Loud and this is what he's like with a full band but in semi-acoustic mode... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ-CXWhUPSQ

Roughneck Riot – live at The Albion (photos and video)

Things got pretty messy down at The Albion last night with the raucous celtic punk onslaught of Roughneck Riot providing a real kick where it smarts... https://www.facebook.com/john.bownas/videos/10160992423750416/

The Osbornes – live video ‘I want to make you happy’

The Albion
The Osbornes (Keith and Harry) brought a real slice of summer to The Albion last night with some feel good songs that really demonstrated how this father/son duo are in perfect harmony... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LycdkoAA5FQ

Kayleigh Anne – at the Jenny Lind

Once again we were blown away by The Kayleigh Anne Band - another great example of the musical talent welling up through the streets of Hastings...live from The Jenny Lind. https://youtu.be/3XkgE_l9x44 Photos by Sara Bowrey

Under The Rocks: Live at On The Rocks

Although it's never really been away, On The Rocks last night held a glitzy party to celebrate it's rebirth as a tasty little live music venue for Hastings. The bar (formerly JD's) is just a stone's-throw from the seafront on the corner of Claremont and...

Redfaces – photos and video

With able support from Jack and Max plus The Don't Knows, Redfaces delivered a slab of sonic greatness to the Blackmarket VIP Venue, proving just what a force they are to be reckoned with. https://youtu.be/fiU0-9AGcEM Photos by Sara Bowrey

Skinny Lister rocked the opening night of Fat Tuesday 2018

St Mary in The Castle has never looked or sounded as good as it did last night - thanks to Skinny Lister, Jamie Smart and the Fat Tuesday team. https://youtu.be/-IPNXWojQt8 https://youtu.be/kAYGNovqgJs

Butane Regulators – live at The Fountain

If you like your music punk and you are in the Hastings area look out for Butane Regulators - because you won't be disappointed. Here's a snippet of the band playing at The Fountain's 'Freaky Friday' night... https://youtu.be/PxlF9dwp8V8 PHOTOS BY SARA BOWREY  

Rats Nest – live at the Fountain

Freaky Friday's bring the true spirit of punk to your favourite Queen's Road boozer - and Rats Nest kicked it all off with style... Make sure you get along to The Fountain for the next of these brilliant nights... https://youtu.be/yq84KmxymQc Photos by Sara Bowrey  

WitchDoktors – live at Hastings Blackmarket VIP

Resplendent in their trademark black, red, and white, The WitchDoktors tore up Blackmarket VIP last night with a truly spellbinding display of pure-hearted rawk'n'roll. Check out 'common prayer for a working man' https://youtu.be/eS70nONm3VM Here's another - 'John's White Shoes' https://youtu.be/BvZcBOhmLM8 PHOTOS BY SARA BOWREY