The band (or bands) I am in (or have been in) are… (or solo)?

Solo, Waifs and Strays, Wrenegades, Alison’s Crossbow, Unnamed band with Jason Smith and James Maxted

Weapon(s) of choice?

Voice and Guitar

Random superpower?

I can do lots of accents, from Irish, to Australian, Southern American, Liverpudlian and many more.

Biggest influences?

Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Chris Cornell, Mother Love Bone, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Temple of The Dog, Soundgarden

Watch or listen to me perform on this link…

The song I always want played as I walk on stage…

If you want to buy me a drink I’ll have…

Vodka and Mango Monster (please)

A music video that you really need to watch is this one…

Soapbox / Speakers Corner

I truly believe that a word CANNOT rhyme with itself, dog and dog, don’t rhyme, it’s the same word. I needed to get this off my chest because, for some reason, it really irks me.