The band (or bands) I am in (or have been in) are… (or solo)?

The Dirty Contacts, Armitage Shanks, Rosbif Attack, Nuevo Ramon 5, Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes, The Dentists, Auntie Vegetable, Rubberman 12, Belmondo, Sine Waves, and many more.

Weapon(s) of choice?

Drums and vibraphone

Random superpower?

I’m a good cook but make superb gravy. Make pretty good pizza and focaccia dough too.

Biggest influences?

Biggest influence was being let loose on my parents’ record collection as a 9 year old discovering Elvis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Stones, The Kingsmen etc. My older cousin sent Bowie, Bolan, Roxy, Pistols, Magazine and Buzzcocks my way, by which time I was big enough to start finding my own music.

Drummers of influence (or rather inspiration) include Buddy Rich, Mitch Mitchell, Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, Joe Morello, Grady Tate, Bruce Brand, my wife (who drums for Ye Nuns, The X-Men, and Would be Goods among many other) and Hastings’ own late great Brad Gross.

Watch or listen to me perform on this link…

The song I always want played as I walk on stage…

If you want to buy me a drink I’ll have…

Guinness please, preferably with the merest splash of Kahlua.

A music video that you really need to watch is this one…