Ewan Fitzgerald

Live music, entertainment, and events in Hastings

Ewan Fitzgerald

Ewan Fitzgerald

The band (or bands) I am in (or have been in) are… (or solo)?

Butane Regulators, Longingsky

Weapon(s) of choice?

Bass guitar normally, occasionally guitar and vocals

Random superpower?

Somehow finding time to play in loads of different bands while doing a full time job.

Biggest influences?

Dinosaur Jr. Long story but the series of coincidences that led to me moving to Hastings wouldn’t have happened without me being a massive fan.

Watch or listen to me perform on this link…

Butane Regulators

The song I always want played as I walk on stage…

If you want to buy me a drink I’ll have…

Amstel normally at gigs…

A music video that you really need to watch is this one…

Soapbox / Speakers corner

All the musicians I know have been practicing loads and writing new stuff so I’m excited to see bands play again after lockdown. Also Doug, Nathan and Isaac are all scum.

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