The band (or bands) I am in (or have been in) are… (or solo)?

Banjax, Sugarloaf Band, Catsfield Steamers and solo

Weapon(s) of choice?

Melodeon, bass trombone, voice and barn dance caller

Random superpower?

Can put on a canival or event from nothing with a weeks notice

Biggest influences?

The Albion band, Fairport Covention, Blowzabella, Shirley Collins and lots of old folk singers and musicians

The song I always want played as I walk on stage…

The Kite – my own composition

If you want to buy me a drink I’ll have…

A pint of Harvey’s please…

Soapbox / speakers corner

Grrr damn government and their mishandling of this virus meaning it could be a year before I can gig again, and the way they have treated self-employed musicians and other performers…