Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – this week at The Piper

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Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – this week at The Piper

We are pretty darned exited to have Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind coming to town this week.

The gig at The Piper on Friday looks likely to be the defining moment in the genesis of Hastings’ latest live music haunt and there are three very good reasons you should be there…

  1. The Hastings music scene needs to recapture the spark it had many years ago when every touring band worth their salt would look to play here as a part of the circuit – but that will only happen if people are prepared to come out and see them when they decide to pay us a visit.
  2. The Piper team have put a huge amount of time and energy into creating a space they hope will attract the sorts of artists who the town deserves – acts with a long and proud heritage, or newcomers with talent, passion and a desire to shine.
  3. Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind are, without doubt, the sort of band who will transfix and energise you in equal measure. Raw-down-dirty rock’n’roll with a cinematic soundscape alter-ego, they meld genres seamlessly and switch lithely from blistering rhythmic riffs to more mellow conconctions that cleanse the taste-buds leaving you wanting more.

Grab your tickets here, now…

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