Republica are set to be the second big name to play in Hastings’ recently revamped and re-opened iconic music haunt – The Crypt.

Following on the heels of the sweaty energy of The Stereo MCs, the band are ‘Ready to Go’ and will hopefully be just one in an increasingly long line of household names who never made it to town back in the venue’s 90s heyday.

That means the likes of Coldplay, Muse, Ash and Snow Patrol are sadly ruled out as they all graced The Crypt’s intimate stage back in the day.

However, owner Paul Mandry, has promised us a return to the times when music lovers would queue for hours to see the bands playing in the venue.

This previously dark and dingy spot was the perfect setting for the grunge bands of the era, but now the club has been cleaned up and updated with a great new sound system and a floor you can walk on without sticking to the carpet (although we do we miss those days). The venue is now called Grand Elektra, but the name of The Crypt has been restored for future live nights.

We’re delighted to hear this is just the beginning of live music being brought back to the centre of town and we can’t wait to see more memories made in the cellars of The Crypt.

Grab a ticket now before they are all snapped up…

Expect more of this kind of thing…at The Crypt