Pink Narcissus and The Kiffs – setting Crowley’s on fire

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Pink Narcissus and The Kiffs – setting Crowley’s on fire

There’s stil a lot of people who haven’t rediscovered one of Hastings coolest live venues – Crowley’s. And that’s their loss…

The old Flairz brand is now (gladly) a fading memory – and in it’s place the town has gained a brilliantly proportioned gig space with great sound and a VERY sensibly priced bar.

just a stone’s throw from the station and a short stagger to the taxi rank Crowley’s events listings page should be saved in your favourites and regularly scoured for the next top night out.

A case in point was last night’s 10-year anniversary show from Pink Narcissus.

When it all boils down to it a live gig is about energy.

Sometimes that energy is bottled up and carefully extracted with finesse.

Other times – and this is one of them – there’s no containment field…simply a raw and ragged explosion of pure blinding light and ear-splitting noise.

Pink Narcissus frontman Oli Spleen is glamly androgynous and throws everything he can into the performance – with the crowd responding in kind and risking everything to become at one with this frenetic force of nature.

Al lof this comes after opening act – The Kiffs.

This all-girl four-piece is becoming the go-to act to open any night of mention in the town and with every show they are developing the live skills to complement their songwriting repertoire.

Pink Narcissus and The Kiffs

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