Beth Hart Bexhill

For the generations who missed out on Janis Joplin. For those who wonder what might have happened if Amy Winehouse had gone back to rehab. For anyone who has a proclivity for a powerful show tune. We give you – Beth Hart.

Beth is big in stature with a towering on-stage presence, and she is a genuine giant when it comes to mastery of that powerful voice – which is so deservedly her trademark.

This is the sort of music where you don’t have to have been a lifelong fan to immerse yourself in its wonder. These are songs where one listen is enough to remind you that life is great and worthwhile and made for living.

Stylistically they blend powerful soul with intricate blues, with regular jaunts into the smokey world of jazz, and also a nod to the power of rock’n’roll.

A heady mix that is instantly addictive.

And that’s written from the perspective of a real first-timer with no hint of fan subjectivity.

We weren’t the only ones at Bexhill’s beautiful De La Warr Pavillion for whom this was an inaugural experience. All around us were conversations between avid fans and the friends they’d pulled along to share their love for Beth. And from the collective audience response she had clearly won over even the hardest cynic within the first few numbers.

Yes – she has found a God to help her through some dark times. And yes, if you’re not of a religious persuasion the occasional reminders of this conversion might jar somewhat with your pure enjoyment of the musicianship. But Beth doesn’t preach from the pulpit – she simply lets you know she has a faith and that it has allowed her to find peace with the world.

I for one won’t hold that against her.

I adore Alison Moyet, and Beth brings her to mind.

I miss a little known band called The Lovegods, and Beth reminds me of their singer, Nadéah Miranda.

I pray (in a figuratively aetheistic fashion) for music to have a future. And as long as musicians like Beth continue to ply their trade, my wishes are granted.

Photos by Sara Bowrey

1 day ago

Beth Hart

We're excited to premiere another video from 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall'.
Please enjoy Beth's live version of "Caught Out In The Rain".
Watch the full video on YouTube:
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You know Beth you are amazing. Cant wait to see you again this time Prague in two weeks ❤️ it would be my 6th show and definitely not the last one with love from Poland (btw you should be back in Poland there are many many people that want to see you live including me) ❤️😍

Please come back to CT!!!!!💙

Stunning in every way

Oh Wendy ik wil terug naar deze avond

Man oh man! I love her music!!

Was there! Fantastic gig !

Close to my fire.See you next Wednesday LOVE

Come to Brazil 🎶

Aly Meghdessian 👌


Powerhouse Vocalist

Layla ha l7obb diali lwl w lkhre



Geertjan Van Der Heijden

Would live to see her - Carl Kirschbaum if you like blues she going to Ridgefield, Conn

Perfect ❤️

Einfach nur einmalig, diese Beth Hart!!! ♥️❣️

Oh 😲 a pleasure for the ears!!👏❤



Can't wait pre ordered the dvd and cd

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6 days ago

Beth Hart

Adorable 💕🐶🐶

📷: geppi1977
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Adorable 💕🐶🐶

📷: geppi1977


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I just saw Monty byrom up here at our little bar in lake Isabella Calif last night and told me about working with you he said you had the loudest human voice he ever stood next to ..rock on Beth .😎✌🎵

Ils sont beaux à samedi au Vinci BISES🎸

Ilse Hölzel

Ali Tabe Ahmadi 😅😅


Vous en avez prévu un pour Ozzy is born ? ne tardez plus c'est lundi prochain 😂😂


ADD TO THAT Dale Ockerman.the fact that trump signed into legislation that companies can now dispose of their toxic wastes in our waterways that coincidentally are the same water ways we are using to douce these fires....hmmm?...accelerants?....aren't we just adding fuel to the flames?????

🥰 j’adore 🥰


So Nice


Elise van Kluijve Irene van Kluijve😍😍

Thanks for sharing ❤️

your furvorite fans!! 🐾❤️

So cute 👍♥️


cute guys and with good musical taste 🙂

They are!

Very cute 🐶🐶


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1 week ago

Beth Hart

“Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine 💕#Soundcheck ... See MoreSee Less


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Keesjan Gaasbeek, dit had je moeten weten.....echt beter dan VmWare!

Would be awesome to see you and Susan Tedeschi jam together on this one


Awesome song.

Klaske Ferwerda.....

One of my favorites ❤️

Bobbie Elliott McCarty

I have always loved this song ♥♥

Jennifer Cooper


Patrick Marsman

Elise van Kluijve Annette Bonebakker omg😱

I Love Beth Hart. She kicks MAJOR ASS! this song...

One of my favourite songs, sung by one of my favourite it!

Out this in your set list!!

Lisa Jackson

Jennifer Fyd


Beth ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Thanks for an awesome show tonight. It was amazing. Come back soon.

Where is the blues in show?

JP never sounded better! *****

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