For the generations who missed out on Janis Joplin. For those who wonder what might have happened if Amy Winehouse had gone back to rehab. For anyone who has a proclivity for a powerful show tune. We give you – Beth Hart.

Beth is big in stature with a towering on-stage presence, and she is a genuine giant when it comes to mastery of that powerful voice – which is so deservedly her trademark.

This is the sort of music where you don’t have to have been a lifelong fan to immerse yourself in its wonder. These are songs where one listen is enough to remind you that life is great and worthwhile and made for living.

Stylistically they blend powerful soul with intricate blues, with regular jaunts into the smokey world of jazz, and also a nod to the power of rock’n’roll.

A heady mix that is instantly addictive.

And that’s written from the perspective of a real first-timer with no hint of fan subjectivity.

We weren’t the only ones at Bexhill’s beautiful De La Warr Pavillion for whom this was an inaugural experience. All around us were conversations between avid fans and the friends they’d pulled along to share their love for Beth. And from the collective audience response she had clearly won over even the hardest cynic within the first few numbers.

Yes – she has found a God to help her through some dark times. And yes, if you’re not of a religious persuasion the occasional reminders of this conversion might jar somewhat with your pure enjoyment of the musicianship. But Beth doesn’t preach from the pulpit – she simply lets you know she has a faith and that it has allowed her to find peace with the world.

I for one won’t hold that against her.

I adore Alison Moyet, and Beth brings her to mind.

I miss a little known band called The Lovegods, and Beth reminds me of their singer, Nadéah Miranda.

I pray (in a figuratively aetheistic fashion) for music to have a future. And as long as musicians like Beth continue to ply their trade, my wishes are granted.

Photos by Sara Bowrey

4 days ago

Beth Hart

Happy birthday to my soulful guitarist and right hand man; Jon Nichols!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy birthday to my soulful guitarist and right hand man; Jon Nichols!!!


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Jon! You are the best! <3 Happy birthday!

H-Birthday Jon ❤

happy birthday Jon

Happy birthday!! From Holland.

Happy birthday. See you tonight!

Happy Birthday Jon!🎈🎈🎈

Happy Birthday from Germany

Happy birthday To you jon kisses from France

Happy birthday Jon!! You rock 👍👍🤘🤘

Happy Birthday Jon Nichols!!! xoxo

Happy Birtdy. Hope to see you at 30th anniversary Bluesfest Byron Bay Easter 2019

Happy Birthday Jon, Have a good'en!

Happy birthday, big hug friend of Brazil.

Your the man Jon keep rocking steady Beth needs your presence so cool! A Canadian fan that chatted with u in SAN Diego back in February 🤗🤗😎 Terry

Happiest of Birthdays!

Happy birthday Jon Nichols

🍻 .. fijne verjaardag 🎂 Happy Birthday from Niederlande

Happy 🎂

Happy birthday Jon!! You're a great guitarist!!! Big hello from France!!!

Happy birthday Jon!

Happy Birthday Jon

Happy Birthday talented man.

HBD Jon! See you Sunday!

Happy Birthday Jon , you are the best 🎉

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6 days ago

Beth Hart

Thank you, Canada! This past week was unforgettable 🤟🏼 ... See MoreSee Less


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When are you going to come see us in western Canada? Hopefully soon 😊


Tuesday night!!! I've been looking forward to it for months!!!

No western Canadian dates? Calgary?

Thank YOU Beth.... I've waited over 20 years to see you perform. It was awesome and so worth the wait. Please be sure to grace us with your presence again soon. ❤️❤️

Where tour in Brazil,darling

Looking forward to the show in Ft. Lauderdale.✌️❤️😎🌴

I believe you were the unforgettable one!! The show in Montreal was amazing!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

Can't wait to see you on Thursday in Buffalo!!!!!!!

Thank you Beth! Your show under the stars in Mont Tremblant was nothing short of amazing!!!!

Can’t wait till Atlanta

I get to see you on Tuesday!! I talked with you in New Orleans!! And you sang Let’s get together and it is such a great memory beth!! Your voice and your words in your songs hit so home with me!!! I can’t wait to see you in two days!!!

Thank You Beth ! Saw you at at Jazzfest, I was blown away by "Tell her you belong to Me" and "Leave the light on" See you next year ❤️

See ya in Melbourne sista.x

Thank you for your great concert in Montréal. I was on holiday from Belgium and didn't want to miss it ! Amazing evening !!

Love your music.

Te esperamos con amor en Barcelona Beth. Un besazo.

Toronto was an amazing night! Git yer asses back again soon

Come to Brazil !!!

You rock Beth from the heart keep smiling one day at a time 😎

Your show in Toronto was amazing. Pure power. Looking forward to next time.

My wife and I traveled 4,000 km to see you in Ottawa in 2014. We did the same last week and, we'll do it again...and again.. and again

There is something so special about seeing you on stage, barefoot with just your guitar or at the piano. It's sweet and intimate, like we're all hanging out in a living room. Love it!

Smoking hot. And brilliant

Thanks for coming!

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1 week ago

Beth Hart

Happy birthday to our drum tech, Jan! He’s the man! 🙂 Have a great one 🎂 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy birthday to our drum tech, Jan! He’s the man! :) Have a great one 🎂


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Happy birthday to you x

Happy B-day fellow Cancer!!!

Happy bday , keep on rockin.

Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎉 from Switzerland 🇨🇭 🍀🍀🍀

Gratulerer med dagen Jan! 😊

Happy Birthday! ❤🎵❤🤘

Happy birthday Jan! Love this guy! 😁

Happy birthday Dan will be seeing you tomorrow

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Jan, Have a good 'en!

Happy bday....from Italy

Happy Birthday, Jan!!!

Happy Birthday Jan! See you in Windsor Sunday!!!!!

Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday To you jan from France

Happy Birthday to "the man"✌alles gute aus Deutschland🇩🇪

Happy birthday to You from Russia!

Happy birthday Jan 😊🍰☕.

Happy birthday Jan!!!!! 💥🤘

Is he Dutch?

Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday Jan 🤘🥁🎶

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1 week ago

Beth Hart

Taken before tonight’s show at Bluesfest in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

Festival international du blues de Tremblant
Anne-Marie a eu le privilège de s'entretenir avec Beth Hart, à quelques heures de son spectacle. La grande blueswoman nous parle de son amour pour Tremblant, de sa vision du blues en 2018... et de café noir! 🎸

Rendez-vous à 21h à la Place St-Bernard!

Anne-Marie and Beth Hart set the stage for tonight's show, as the blues star tells us about her stay in Tremblant, her vision of the blues in 2018.. and Black Coffee! 🎸

See you at 9 PM at Place St-Bernard!
... See MoreSee Less


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There Is Truly, As Of Right Now, No One Who Is True To Her Phenomenal Gift Of Music, That Touches The Souls Of So Many, Different Fans, Old And New( Because The List Of Beth Hart’s Faithful True Family), IS GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS🤘🏼🎶🎼💯♥️God Bless You Beth Hart, For Sharing Your Heart And Soul With Us, Every Time, You Sing Your Journey Of Your Truth, With The World 🤘🏼🎶🎼♥️💯🙏🏻☝🏼

I love Beth Hart!

Amazing show!!! 😍 😍😍

Thank you Beth! Great show tonight & see you in 2 days in Toronto❤️

Super interview Beth. This is how we know you. But the coffee story....

Merci pour cette entrevue!! On le savais déjà mais ça vient de confirmer que Beth est une personne d'exception !!! Généreuse et très terre à terre.. Je l'aime encore plus 😍😍

a great interview! I hope to someday see her in concert 🙂

Great interview great artist thanks for all you do

So happy to welcome you in Canada 🙂 You're such a p[ower house, Love your music and love you Beth!

will be at Hampton Beach Ballroom on Sunday night the 22nd - hoping you will be performing many songs from your latest cd !!

Anybody have a setlist for the show?

Louise Mireault tu vas avoir un Christie de bon show. Enjoy mon amie 😍

Who needs a ticket to Fridays show in Toronto ? I'm going but I have an extra ticket . Pm me if you are interested.

Beth did you understand anything she said at 1st? Lmao!!

HAHAHAHA you are so adorable even though you are a legend! Talking about being crazy <3 Love you. Also I can't believe you of all people are insecure...that really means we all have to put those feelings to rest within ourselves because they dont make sense! I'm really sad I missed you in Tremblant...keep rocking girl!!!

Merci Martine Caplette pour la découverte, c’était même que j’ai compris lorsqu’elle parlait...enfin pas touttte mais une bonne partie! Soeur Jane serait fière de moi😉😂

We love you Beth. Thank you for everything!


Son débit parolier était très très lent .....

Merci!!! C'était formidable!

So jealous, so close, yet so far

Beth;go check out the light show at the cathedral downtown !!!!

can't wait for tonight at DMH... woot woot!!!!!

Beth, I was at Tremblant for your show. What a fantastic discovery for me! I simply looove your voice!🎶

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