Lloyd Cole – in photos (decide for yourself if he has perfect skin)

Live from Bexhill De La Warr Pavillion


For one night only at the De La Warr pavillion Lloyd Cole took the stage to promote a compilation album that is now out of stock and no longer on sale.

Still – we all had a great time listening to the songs we can’t buy… Photos by Sara Bowrey

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Lloyd Cole

As usual I'm 6 months behind the curve, but in case you missed it Kirkis 2 by Kirkis is pretty great. kirkismoded.bandcamp.com/album/kirkis-2

Kirkis 2, by Kirkis
10 track album
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Like Eno era Bowie meets other 80’s Krautrock?.. dig it

Brilliant. Made me dream of a new film by David Lynch with this song as part of the soundtrack

Just discovered that you have a new single out. How come there´s no announcement here? I´ve had the song on repeat for the last half an hour or so. I´ll be sure to check this out once I´m done with that.

1 day ago

Lloyd Cole

Mark Mason asks - Is Vesuvio your favourite bar?
A - It's not even my favourite bar in SF, but I do like it. Molotov's is my favourite. goo.gl/maps/JoajtwUQva2Gd2Z5A
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Mark Mason asks - Is Vesuvio your favourite bar?
A - Its not even my favourite bar in SF, but I do like it. Molotovs is my favourite. https://goo.gl/maps/JoajtwUQva2Gd2Z5A

1 day ago

Lloyd Cole

As a read the collected questions for the forthcoming video Q&A thing, I think I'll type-answer a few here, if the answer is concise.
From Zoë King
Q - A - A recent (ish) trend seems to be for artists to tour an album, playing it live in order from start to finish. If you were to do that which album would you choose, and why?
I think Rattlesnakes, Music in a Foreign Language and Standards are the only albums I've made that don't contain at least one song I don't want to sing, these days. Maybe Guesswork will join that list. I hope so, but too soon to say.
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Out of interest, could you reveal which songs you wouldn't want to sing?

Got to be rattlesnakes .because it's epic.simple

and with a WHOLE band would be awesome too!

I think X is fantastic too.

Has to be Rattlesnakes. It’s quite good!!!😉

I know Rattlesnakes is the classic, but I love Music in A Foreign Language, so either would be great.

'Don't Get Weird' at the Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra :-). Heh, I can dream can I not?

I thought the higher notes in Patience were a pain in your neck nowadays?I pick Standards if it's a vote.

I much prefer to have the element of surprise / not knowing what is coming next. Was at the Rattlesnakes 20th anniversary gig (with James Blunt supporting!) and I think the whole album was in there except Mission Street, but it was jumbled up with other Commotions songs. Amazing gig as I was too young to see the Commotions in the 80s.

I would like Bad Vibes actually

I'd pay to hear The Negatives album live.

“antidepressant” ...

Well, do it then 👍

That’s me screwed then. I fell in love to Mainstream many years ago. Which song do you not want to sing? Please don’t tell me it’s Hey Rusty 🙏🏻

You were always one of the musicians I wanted to see/hear never actually thinking the opportunity would come for me. Then we moved from the Swansea Valley to just outside Wexford 3 years ago and we were thrilled to be at your gig in the Greenacres. You and your boy were fantastic and we had a brilliant evening. Have you plans to return and maybe play in the spiegeltent?

Come back to Houston please ..

Those three are ok mr Cole 😀

rattlesnakes in full would make my year😁

Don’t get Weird...all Killer,no filler 😎

Add:X DGWOMB Love Story NegativesAs my preferences.😎

The Negatives live in Copenhagen is one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I would love to see/hear that album live again. And the support: Jill Sobule 🥰

We hope so too... may be the sign of perfection?

Now I want to know all the songs you don't want to sing. A Spotify playlist maybe..?

Much more than Standards, I would really choose Broken Record in live with musicians around you. In France, of course... because I’m your number one french fan 👍 I need an electric live performance one of these days after all the nice acoustic shows I’ve seen all these past years. The new cd don’t seem to be in that « mood »... but I’ll buy it 😉

Rattlesnakes is a magnificent album and love more each time I listen to it

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