Under The Rocks: Live at On The Rocks

Featuring Atomix


Although it’s never really been away, On The Rocks last night held a glitzy party to celebrate it’s rebirth as a tasty little live music venue for Hastings.

The bar (formerly JD’s) is just a stone’s-throw from the seafront on the corner of Claremont and has three levels.

It serves delicious pub food and Sunday roasts, and, unusually these days it seems, there’s a juke box beside the bar on the ground floor.

But, following a thorough make-over, it’s the basement that grabs the limelight.

Decorated floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with CDs and record sleeves, this tight-packed little space has a decent-sized stage and great sound.

It may only hold 50 or 60 people at a squeeze, but it promises to be a genuine magnet for anyone seeking something just a bit alternative and away from the mainstream – including the LGBT+ community, who are openly embraced.

To get the party started the launch party featured Atomix, a talented 80s covers band whose repertoire and range was perfect to set the tone for things to come.

Photos by Sara Bowrey


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