Charity gig for fire crews at the Carlisle

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Charity gig for fire crews at the Carlisle

A local student, Tony Brudge, has organised a marathon gig where 23 bands and artists will be giving their time in memory of the victims of Grenfell Tower.

It’s free entry but donations are requested. Proceeds will go to The Firefighters Charity, which supports firemen and women.



Just Jules, Lawrie Broadway, The Jambusters, Ghost Riders, Joe and Dave, Flip & Pete, Unity, Molly & Theo, Sea Gypsies, Daisy’s Friend, Age of Aquarius, Black River, In Too Deep.


Mike Guy, Phillipa Galloway, Louisianna Lightning, Bustin’ a Groove, Jenny Wear, Scott Chisolm, Slither, Green River Band, Liquid Chaos, Bad Self.

True Spirit line-up

True Spirit

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