Republica photoset (Blackmarket VIP, Hastings)

Photos by Sara-Lou Bowrey

Republica were on fire in Hastings tonight:

2 days ago

Republica (Official)

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Support by Goliath

My husband like you guys he said that he saw you guys in San Antonio Tx USA for 5 dollars the ticket!!!😲😍🎸🥁🎵🎶

Not long till our London show at The Garage Saturday 25th May.
Who’s Ready To Go?
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beautiful girl you will be young always😍🌹🥰

Can’t wait 😊

Just hearing the into to this MASSIVE goose bumps from the back of my head right down my spine! Took me instantly to when they Played Sheffield Hallam Uni NMB, I had the great fortune to be on the crew for the gig. Got a load of pics somewhere, should be a bootleg minidisk too!

I can’t make this one 😢 Enjoy!!!

I’m certainly Ready To Go see ya there guys 😊😈 xxx

I saw Republica last weekend. You're in for a treat. 🙂

See you there 😃🤘

Think this will be a sell out, Roll on the 25th.

That sounds like a new version of Ready to go??

We'll see you there Baz ,

anyone wanna go with me?

Got my tickets 💜

I always carry you in my heart

Adriano Teti

You will have the best support act - Goliath!!!!


Saffron, is it the 2010 version or is it a new one? Can we get it online? Or will it be on the new album?

Enri Gkiozi X

Bob Mata u should check this out

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Well wasn't that all fun for about ten minutes. Thanks for all of you who waded in to support us, unfortunately my phone died or I would have deleted Chan / Dan or whatever his name is (we suspect him to be the same person, plays in a small band and is in fact a small time promoter with an axe to grind) not long after my last post. Just for the record we have no issues with Loud In London, they've always been good to us. As for homophobic or mysogynistic posts they'll be deleted immediately from now on and the parties responsible banned from our page.

Again many thanks for your support and down with the asshats!!

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Don’t know what happened on the page but I’m pleased it’s sorted. Republica are the best band ever and I have had the pleasure of meeting you all several times and you’re all such lovely people and some of the most down to earth people I’ve met ❤️ Keep on rockin xxx

WHAT ? Is it that guy who keeps sending libelous nonsense about Mark S? What’s he done to us ???? Hve em we will 👿👿👹

It was the most ridiculous post I've seen for a long, long time. I've met you all several times & you're the most endearing, nice people. You wouldn't have been together as a band this long if you weren't. Keep rocking man 👍

Still Love Ya!

I love your music!!! I heard a song in the film "Scream" and bought the soundtrack and it wasn't there. Did some research, found your album, and it plays every weekend!! Asshats suck!!! Thanks for the music! <3

Asshats have to ruin everything. It’s quite sad how pathetic they are

I just got into it with some fuck head on Wolfgang Fluer 's page who was disrespectful to him for no reason. What is it with people this?

Any screenshots anyone? 😝

What happened???

fair enough

Thanks Tim looking forward to Saturday 25th May, see you in London soon!

I seemed to have missed something here?

Wtf are asshats?

Yeah me too Paul what’s happened? Doesn’t sound good X

Look what this asshat sent me. The funniest part is obviously he’s clueless about your music. Doesn’t even know lyrics to your music! 😂

I know he lies, he does it all the time...what an asshat indeed

Down with the asshats...? You’ll have no friends left Tim

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#CAPTAINMARVEL #BrieLarson #SamuelLJackson #JUDELAW #AnnetteBenning READY TO GO
She’s BADASS The Most Powerful Of all the
Marvel Superheroes
AMAZING to hve introduced such a strong female role model for the modern world
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Saw this Thursday and loved it 👍🏼

Good film too! We saw it in 4d!! Great fun

Nice one Tim

Amazing Saffron! Well deserved... love you hon! 😍 Xx

Got to say early to kid 90s and even late some of the best music. Yourselves, no doubt, oasis, blur, the verve I could go on and on

That song is just too good! Congrats!!

cool! will there be a new album of Republica? Saffron, we're craving it so much!

wow look at those graphics are sensational thanks safron

Thank you for informing me about it some weeks ago. My son and I went on Sunday to the cinema to watch this film. Really liked it. Now my son has to educate me about the Marvel universe. 🙂 xx

Cant wait to see this 🙂 love marvel films x

Amazing stuff to witness for the first time and so happy for you all. You're now in the Marvel universe! X

Timeless. Special Things happen to special people!! Congrats.

Well done Saffron fantastic 💕⚘🌟💖🙏🏻🌹 xxxx

Wish I heard this song in the movie too

Whenever you can say Republica and marvel in the same sentence it’s going to be a great day

I heard the song, instantly took me back, reminded me about that day I bought your album. Talk about time travel!

Well deserved for a brilliant song.

Fabulous news...good for you 🙂

So proud of you Saffron Sprackling 😘🥰

To me that song represents everything that the 90s were, and everything I wanted it to be

One of my favourite bands involved with Marvel. Doesn't get any better.

hey and if it was sammanta that was in place of this girl😍

Divine justice to Republica punk rock band

Amazing well done and about Time!!! Republica are an Incredibly Talented Band. Bloody well done to you all. Xx


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