Get down to Hastings on Halloween and this annual end-of-the-season Voodoo Fest party will get your backbone twitching and put a massive grin on your blood-stained face.

The extended zombie-pub crawl (traditionally accompanied by Dr Savage’s spooky street marching band – and always led by a team of apocalyptic coffin bearers) is precisely why people need to get down to the seaside more often.

For 2017 the parade made it’s way from The Albion to the General Havelock before lurching back down through the underpass to the seafront on on to the pier.

This year the revellers’ arrival on the deck was a double celebration as it coincided with the announcement that the pier had won the RIBA Stirling prize for Architecture – and with that news putting extra bounce into everyone’s steps, it was time a final stop-off at On The Rocks before finishing off at The Palace.

And that was where the fun-o-meter got turned up to 11 – because headlining the night”s entertainment was the welcomed return of Oh My God It’s The Church.

The night was sold out, and the wall-to-wall, capacity congregation was whipped to a frenzy of devotion as the Rev. Michael Alabama Jackson led the sinners’ sermon that took the party towards the witching hour.

If only every Tuesday could be Halloween!

We took hundreds of photos!  The entire gallery can be found HERE…