Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss don’t do rock’n’roll.

But they do do beautiful and delightful melodies that haunt your memories and hold you rapt.

‘We Should’ve Gone Dancing’ is just such a song.

Typically understated but utterly poignant, this is one for late nights gazing out of windows into the darkness.

Catch the pair’s long-awaited return to the Kino-Teatr.


It’s been two years since the release of their last album, the Ethan Johns produced ‘Expatriot’ – a short sabbatical taken following the birth of their son.

The duo are now back with this limited edition 7’’ vinyl, (with a b-side of ‘When Spring Calls’), as well as a new video, a run of shows with Jools Holland and a handful of headline shows and in-stores.

Special guest Oliver Cherer

A prodigious and prolific musical polymath whose varied musical guises include his multi-faceted alter-ego ‘Dollboy‘, the electro-stylings of ‘The Assistant’, the motodisco of ‘Rhododendron and Australian Testing Labs Inc‘, and the freshly-minted ambient ‘Gilroy Mere’. Now Oliver Cherer returns to his folk heart-land with his new, critically acclaimed album, ‘The Myth Of Violet Meek’.