Dictionary Pudding in our good books for bringing yet another krautrock icon to Hastings.


Damo Suzuki is a genuinely unique talent who was discovered when cinematic krautrock legends, CAN, found him busking in the streets of 70s Cologne. Immediately drafting him in to replace Malcolm Mooney, the band went on to record a plethora of seminal LPs, including TAGO MAGO and EGE BAMYASI.

To say they are highly respected and hugely influential is an understatement and doing them a huge dis-service.


Damo Suzuki’s never-ending tour involves performances with an assembly of hand-picked local musicians.

His synthetic language creates an absolutely astonishing performance, and his voice remains a beautiful philosopher’s stone, the alchemical jigsaw-piece of the krautrock puzzle.

(Support to be announced)

DJ Juliet Harris aka Indie Wonderland playing before, after and during the live music

Tickets £12 adv and available here: http://bit.ly/2xkb83b

And in person (soon) from Wow And Flutter, Pebble Records, Union Music Store, Resident Brighton and The Vinyl Frontier

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