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Photos of gigs in Hastings

Alibi – photo set

Back on home turf and Alibi were on strong form at Blackmarket VIP last night...

Pepe Belmonte with BJ Cole – live at The Jenny Lind

After a support slot from the inestimable King Size Slim last Sunday at The Jenny Lind we were treated to the rare skills of Pepe Belmonte and his band - featuring the pedal steel genius of BJ Cole. It was more than worth squeezing in...

The Memphis Flyers (photos and video)

If there's one musical style that never goes out of fashion it's rockabilly - and that's what the Memphis Flyers do best. The fast-paced, slap-bass, rrhythm is always infectious, and when it's done as effortlessly well as this perennial Hastings band manage it's positively virulent. They...

Indoor Pets – photo set

Live at Blackmarket VIP, Indoor Pets.

The Osbornes – live video ‘I want to make you happy’

The Albion
The Osbornes (Keith and Harry) brought a real slice of summer to The Albion last night with some feel good songs that really demonstrated how this father/son duo are in perfect harmony... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LycdkoAA5FQ

Alibi – EP launch, The Carlisle, Hastings

Alibi's 'Animal Zone' EP is on the loose - and what a night it was to see it released on the world. The Carlisle was rocking - and you might spot our esteemed Ed. in the crowd getting sweaty with the kids... https://open.spotify.com/track/4fdwmsZCTxvpPX7xfZKCXM Photos by Sara Bowrey

Kirk Brandon Akoustik plus Jamie Smart (photos and video)

Two world-class voices on one bill. Kirk Brandon has been stunning audiences for many years with his uniquely operatic vocal style. When paired with a beautiful cello accompaniment (plus the rich sounds of his two vintage guitars) the result is spellbinding. Jamie Smart is a local...

Photos: Nick Hakim at De La Warr Pavilion

Supporting Fleet Foxes, Nick Hakim at Bexhill De La warr Pavilion

Photos: Levellers and Gaz Brookfield, Bexhill

They are no strangers to this part of the world, but Sunday's show by The Levellers was a special treat for the full-house who came along to watch a band who remain at the top of their game. The date was re-arranged from earlier in...

The Feeling – Ben Ottewell – Gris-De-Lin @ De La Warr Pavillion (photos)

Three very different acts took the stage at De La Warr Pavillion this week and delivered three very different moods. Gris-De-Lin is a multi-instrumentalist whose sound is typified by a voice that sits low in the mix whilst soundscapes swirl and wash around the room. Ben...