The latest addition to Hastings’ annual calendar of festivities is the 12th-Night Revels.

This year things kicked off at The Jenny Lind with a blasting set from 40 Shillings on the Drum – a folk-rock act from just down the coast who have been likened to The Levellers.

Then the entertainment changed gear as the King and Queen (plus the knave and the slut) of the Revels were chosen by means of a Christmas cake and a Mummers Troupe enacted a traditonal play entailing death and rebirth and general mayhem.

It wouldn’t be Hastings without a parade – so a parade there was…with burning torches and costumed characters making their way down High Street and George Street to the second half venue, The Albion.

Here a ceremony saw a donut and a bagel impaled on a pair of mythical horns and a tit balanced in a tree surrounded by cavorting revellers.

Then the wassail cup was passed around as some of Hastings’ finest musicians jammed the night away.

Why would you want to live anywhere but here?

Photos by Sara Bowrey



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