BLAIR & friends kick up a storm force show at the Jenny Lind

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BLAIR & friends kick up a storm force show at the Jenny Lind

BLAIR is an astute and talented musician and performer.

We say musician AND performer because in all too many cases talented musicians just don’t know how to bring their music properly to life on stage.

BLAIR & Friends at the end of their first set

Some acts can play their hearts out and hit every note in perfect time – but they so often lack that spark of stage craft that defines a really great entertainer.

Taking time between songs to not just grab a breath, turn the page, and tune up for the next song, BLAIR has an easy banter going that warms the crowd to him in an instant.

He really does have it nailed right down. And not only does this man know how to play a crowd, he also has a band that knows how to arrange a tune just right – and how to create a set that has a surprise around every corner.

From hot salsa to raga-style reggae – and with a shanty thrown in for good measure – BLAIR & Friends are another of those Hastings musical institutions that should be firmly fixed on the tourist trail.

(Especially when one of those friends is, as tonight, another of Hastings’ rock-royalty faces, the inestimable Dr Savage).


Unlike the castle and the fishermen’s huts, bands don’t stand still, so you’ll need to know where and when to find them.

That’s where the Hastings Flyer comes in of course.

Just keep an eye out on our calendar for future dates from BLAIR and his friends.

DID you know:

Blair MacKichan is a British actor, jazz musician, vocalist and songwriter. As an actor he appeared in adverts for Oxo during the 1980s and 1990s, while as a songwriter he has written for Will Young, Sia and Lily Allen. As a musician he fronts a band named Blair and Friends.

In the Oxo adverts, MacKichan played the oldest son of the Oxo Family, starring alongside Michael Redfern and Lynda Bellingham who played his parents.

 Do I detect a hint of turkey?

He started his musical career playing drums, then later progressed to the piano. In 1997 he fronted the house band for Channel 5’s The Jack Docherty Show, a nightly chat show recorded at the Whitehall Theatre in London. MacKichan writes a lot of his own material. He co-wrote Sia’s 2000 UK hit Taken For Granted, and won a Brit Award for the 2004 song Your Game after it became a hit for Will Young. He also co-wrote Lily Allen’s 2007 hit Shame for You. In addition, Blair has composed music for film and television.


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