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UK Subs vs Otway: Hastings celebrity deathmatch at The Fountain

In a no-holds-barred Thursday night tussle, two-times pop starlet John Otway toook on the challenge of following a crow-laden set of post-punk folk-modernism from UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper. in…
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John Otway – almost (but not quite) a failure: live at The Fountain

As any promoter will tell you, it takes a special someone to sell out a gig in Hastings. With so much free music on offer locals are spoilt for choice…so…
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You’ll be kicking yourself you missed Matilda’s Scoundrels & friends at The Fountain

So we squeezed into The Fountain last night…and what a musical history the pub has. Guy Gillo has got a lovely little venue going here. Posters on the wall show…
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