Hastings Pier – Live & Unlocked

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Live music is back on Hastings Pier!

Between 24 July and 11 September we will be hosting 4-5 bands every night, plus a couple of acoustic acts and a DJ or two thrown in for good measure.

Head down early because we will start the party around 4pm – with live music until about 10.30pm and DJs until 11.45pm.

There is seating for around 300 people on well-distanced picnic tables – so bring a few friends.

Entry is free – but we want the bands to be able to afford a taxi ride home and their next set of rehearsals, so it’s down to you to show your appreciation by tipping them through the clever little table-service app.

Every time you buy a round of drinks remember to add in a couple of quid extra – it’s the first item on the menu, so you can’t miss it.

Bands will be playing from the top deck to ensure plenty of social distancing – but we have a full PA system so you will be able to hear everything as clearly as if they were right in front of you.

Obviously the weather might sometimes work against us – so do check in a couple of days before if the wind or rain look due and we’ll keep you posted with any possible cancellations.


Steve Eggs Band