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Live and Unlocked on Hastings Pier

Live outdoor music was back with a bang and we brought you the very finest Hastings has to offer every Friday through July, August and early September. It was every Friday from 5pm and every Sunday lunchtime (1pm – 5pm)… but that’s all folks!

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Amazing photos

This is where you will find the best photos of local Hastings bands and of gigs in our venues

Live and studio videos

A great playlist of local Hastings bands in action on stage or in promo videos

Reviews and features

Read all about Hastings gigs or what our local musicians have been up to.

Featured band

It’s hard to have a favourite, but Kid Kapichi are one of the hottest acts in the UK right now…

Every live show that Kid Kapichi plays feels like their first and their last. Their songs are incendiary and they’re destined for great things.

What is it about music in Hastings?

Very simply, Hastings has more great musicians than you can shake a rythm stick at – and with dozens of venues staging gigs throughout the week you’ll always find something that takes your fancy.

Folk, soul, and blues

Hastings has a really strong folk, soul, and blues scene, spanning traditional to the punkier end of the spectrum…


The musical world wouldn’t be as exciting as it is if bands were not prepared to experiment with new ideas…


Indie or hardcore – there are scores of amazing bands whose blistering guitars will set your world on fire…


Music doesn’t have to be played by live musicians to be engaging, and Hastings has more than its share of great DJs.

Hastings Fat Tuesday

The best little Mardi Gras in the UK

Fat Tuesday means Mardi Gras – and every year Hastings opens its doors to some of the best breakthrough bands in the Uk to stage a five-day festival that captures the imagination of everyone who has ever been to it and experienced the raw emotion of amazing live music it offers up.


The vast majority of Fat Tuesday is completely free to attend…


With a few exceptions Fat Tuesday focuses on the newest young bands – you saw them here first.


Hats off to whoever programmes the bands – there is never a dull moment!


Leave your ego at the door and just be prepared to get swept away by the sheer sense of fun that permeates Hastings during Fat Tuesday.

Eggtooth Project

Nurturing the next generation of musicians

Eggtooth has been working with a range of local young musicians and performers over the last year and is threatening to knock the BRIT School off its throne…


If there is one thing that unites all the Eggtooth performers it is a passion for what they do.


For anyone who worries about whether live music has a future never fear. Eggtooth is here.


Whilst passions binds them, it is the sheer variety of styles that makes Eggtooth shine.


Talent shines through with every show – and even the most hardened critics will tell you how impressed they are with the Eggtooth stable.

Amazing photos

We love to capture great pictures of gigs and bands in Hastings and Sara-Louise Bowrey’s camera is always at the ready to freeze the action…

Hastings live music

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others have to say:

It seems like every pub and every venue in town is busting at the seams with music. There are bands everywhere you look, people running down back streets with guitar cases and noise and joy pouring out of every nook and cranny.

Jon Robb

Louder Than War

At night, the party vibe cranks up…Hastings is a great town for live music.

Jo Lamiri

The Independent

“It’s such an accomplished music scene, we were so lucky to have grown up with it. Every night of the week there’ll be a proper, world-class performer. Something for everyone.”

Kid Kapichi

Evening Standard

Hastings Musicians – live and portrait photos

We love to capture great shots in the studio as well as on the satge


Break-through indie kids

Tom Williams

Radio-friendly songwriter

Dr Savage

Pure funk with a heart of soul


Three girls on a mission

Latest News

Here are our latest news and blog posts about live music in Hastings…

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