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Why everyone should love someone / anyone

Talent stands out a mile, and someone / anyone are a mile ahead of the pack. Harry Osborne and Co. have some great songs and the band really has the…
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Dorey The Wise/The Rupees, Albion/Off Axis 9 December 2016

Back at the start of the year I saw a concert put together by Off Axis, a nationwide scheme for up-and-coming bands to share support slots at each other’s gigs.…
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Bob Log III, a dinghy ride and a doggie stage invasion at The Albion

Bob Log III is the Stig of the blues world…shadowy master of his art – clad in a human cannonball jumpsuit with his face forever hidden behind the reflective glass…
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Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band and why St Mary in the Castle deserves to flourish

She was the voice of Steeleye Span, and over the years she has established herself as one of the fairy godmothers of folk. Seemingly never without a collection of colourful…
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You’ll be kicking yourself you missed Matilda’s Scoundrels & friends at The Fountain

So we squeezed into The Fountain last night…and what a musical history the pub has. Guy Gillo has got a lovely little venue going here. Posters on the wall show…
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King Size Slim @ The Jenny Lind

On a nippy Sunday afternoon, as a delicious roast dinner from The Hastings Arms sat snugly under our belts, it was with delight we spotted a Facebook post about this…
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