The Crypt is back on the live Hastings music scene – and it rocks

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The Crypt is back on the live Hastings music scene – and it rocks

For those who remember The Crypt at it’s sweaty peak last night was a very special event.

The CryptThere will be thousands of people with long-lasting memories of seeing some of the biggest names in British music pass through this vaulted space over the years on their rise to stardom.

Coldplay, Muse, Ash and Snow Patrol are just a few of the acts who found their way to The Crypt over its previous 30-year incarnation.
Now it is resurrected and for it’s first night the venue hosted a live-streaming gig that followed a TV show format, with three acts (The Kiffs, Pepe Belemonte, and Archie Norris) playing three different stages with just one or two songs at a time each interspersed with interviews and chat.
In just a few weeks however the first ‘proper’ gig will see The Stereo MCs hit the stage – and we can’t wait to see the space in full flow.
Here’s how things looked last night (photos by
Check the live stream recording here:

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