Holy Leberwurst! …It’s Hastings’ annual visit from those Krazy Germanic Instronauts THE RAZORBLADES!

Delivering their Dick Dale doused sounds at around a million miles an hour (what’s that in kilometres?), prepare for some Reverb-Charged Twang-Twisters.

Supported by Brightonian Bubblegum-Popsters and Honourable Henchmen of Garage & Psych – ‘Thee Sherbert Peardrop Explosion’ – Treating us to the seedier side of the 60’s with plagiarised nuggets from the dusty vaults of 60’s Rock n Roll.

DJ sets from the usual Villains of Monstrous Mono Mayhem… so prepare for an afternoon of punch-in-the-face Guitars and a tinge of Purple Paisley … …AND IT WON’T COST YOU A DIME!


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