Photos: Levellers and Gaz Brookfield, Bexhill

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Photos: Levellers and Gaz Brookfield, Bexhill

They are no strangers to this part of the world, but Sunday’s show by The Levellers was a special treat for the full-house who came along to watch a band who remain at the top of their game.

The date was re-arranged from earlier in the year due to a personal tragedy in the band, but the original tour concept was followed, with the showcase of their latest album, ‘We The Collective’.

Released back in March, the semi-acoustic re-working of many favourite tracks hit number 12 in the charts, making it their highest sales position for 21 years.

Featuring a slew of favourite songs and a couple of newly-penned gems, the result is a fresh perspective on tunes that have never grown old in the ears of fans and remain as relevant today as when they were first written.

With the unavailability of Ginger Wildheart, Gaz Brookfield was flown in from Bristol at short notice to fill the support slot, and he proved just exactly how a ‘solo acoustic guy’ can hold a crowd in the palm of his hand.


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