Punk it up at Blackmarket this Friday 29 June

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Punk it up at Blackmarket this Friday 29 June

Coltana are an indie-punk band with a clear vision of what society could be, They’re unafraid to take aim at some of the negative aspects of British life, they hit the stage first with a blur of fresh ideas and quicksilver riffs, and songs that explode then dissipate in the blink of an eye.


Next on are The Vulz, an astounding Punk Rock melodic masterpiece.

After that, prepare for a dose of Change Persona – a group with with energy and damned-right-fast-and-furious punk tunes.

The headline of the evening is Plague UK, fronted by the creator of The Plague, a band that originated during the heyday of Punk in ’76. Now reformed and revamped, tghis is an outstanding, punchy in-your-face Punk Rock band for generation X’s more discerning grandparents, and their children, and their children’s children alike…

Tickets on the door £8
Advance tickets on sale £6 + 60p

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