Doozer McDooze – trust The Jenny to come up with the goods again…


Doozer McDooze

Trust us – when the Jenny Lind books an act you can rest assured it’s going to be a good’un.

Doozer McDooze was no exception. His empassioned and stomping alt-folk songs are the highlight of many a festival weekend, and when he hits your local pub you just have to get down and soak up the vibe.

How could we resist!

Photos by Sara Bowrey

22 hours ago

Doozer McDooze

#vanlife and Doozer McDooze Car Vinyl Decals back in... Order now and get free shit personalised Christmas card from me.

Fiver each by PayPal to

Only ten in each colour. 🙂
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1 day ago

Doozer McDooze

I didn't Penne this myself... ... See MoreSee Less

I didnt Penne this myself...


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Ooo arrrr, me mate, ee'd love that, I'll have to Tag 'ee and Tell 'ee... ...I'll get me coat.

They are a bit salty

At first this joke pasta me by a bit.

Matt Dee

Marc Taylor

these jokes makes me boil


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2 days ago

Doozer McDooze

I had the Atari with no memory... ... See MoreSee Less

I had the Atari with no memory...


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I just ordered one of these

I was listening to Jay playing on his xbox last night, grumbling to his friends about having to wait (a few seconds) longer than normal for his game to load...& then it was lagging. It made me think about when we were kids & we'd sit & wait 20-30 minutes for a game to load on the zx spectrum only for it to crash & we'd have to start all over again 😂

Justin Eason

Atari 2600, Sega mega drive, commodore amiga 1200, those were the days.

The woody was the best one.

That's nothing! I had a Sinclair ZX81!

An Atari 2600 has memory, 128 bytes.. As can be found out in the HomeComputerMuseum which I happen to own 😉

Me too. It's still kicking about at my parents I think.

You didn't really need memory for Frogger anyway


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3 days ago

Doozer McDooze

The World Frightens me... ... See MoreSee Less

The World Frightens me...


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James Sutherland Susan Cowsill Leonard Lloyd Chris Kehoe etc etc

I find watching the original Star Wars trilogy back to back keeps me balanced. Opium of the masses!!


Omg I drive myself mad with this! Thinking that there should be a partition for vote of no confidence on here against Teresa May but not sure how you set it up lol x

Yes. Seeing what is going on often causes mental anguish.

Yes, keep taking the meds innit

I hear that. x

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