Alibi’s ‘Animal Zone’ EP is on the loose – and what a night it was to see it released on the world.

The Carlisle was rocking – and you might spot our esteemed Ed. in the crowd getting sweaty with the kids…

Photos by Sara Bowrey

4 days ago


We’ve started a new goth band where we take happy songs and turn them as dark as possible. This one is called “here comes the moon” 🌑☠️🌑 ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook George Harrison already beat ya to it 😉

love this so much !

3 weeks ago



We're so so proud of this and we think it's our best work to date. We can't wait to hear what you all think of it too! 🤘🤘

Available on all music streaming devices, so get watching/downloading! 🎶🎶

iTunes -

Spotify -

YouTube -

A very special thanks to Josh Glavin for the amazing work on the music video! 📸❤️

Track produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at The Ranch Production House

Thank you all for the support and love,

Alibi x
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Where can I buy your CD from guys? Xx

Smashed that one. 👍👌

Very AM! Noice! 👌

Looks and sounds incredible well done lads x

Wicked! X 👍👍

This has to be the best song so far !x

Do you want to know, though.

Absolutely awesome!! That guitar playing was intense! 😍


Nice work boys 🙂

Nathan Harding you completely undersold this when you was talking about it the other day! It’s fantastic!

Quality. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this became the breakthrough number lads. 👌👍

This is brilliant guys. Well done to you all and it's right up my alley so an extra bonus!

good tune!!!!

Hello Ben. Wow fantastic Guitar. Playing. I must say congratulations to ALIBI. Beautiful music. Wow. Sorry. Don’t know song. Because. Am lipread. Ok. But music is wow. Ok. Lv sister ALLOSPP. Xxx. Good luck to all. Ok.

Love this . Brilliant .

Yes alibi 👌great song and video, Well done 😁 bloody proud of you, you no mike is too xx


Top notch babes. Matt loving the blue, or whatever colour it used to be 👌💚💜

Stumbled across this from a friends page how awesome is this song!? Love it. Now listening to everything you have on Spotify 😂! 🙌🏻

Hello Ben and Alibi. I been Hear your beautiful music 10 time wow l can’t stop it wow. Wow wow wow. Lv sister ALLSOPP xx

Awesome video and love the song! Have you seen this Kiya-Ellen Syrett your art work looking pretty good too xxx

Great video guys!

Caitlynn Parr


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3 weeks ago


Our single Place Your Bets will officially be released tomorrow on all the music media platforms and with a gorgeous video too... Stay tuned..

Alibi x
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Our single Place Your Bets will officially be released tomorrow on all the music media platforms and with a gorgeous video too... Stay tuned..Alibi x
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