Rock House Hastings – second anniversary party

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Rock House Hastings – second anniversary party

We went to a great second birthday party at Rock House last night.

The building is, as one resident said ‘so much more than just four walls and a roof‘.

It is a self-sustaining live/work space that is thriving despite having heavily discounted capped rents for tenants and businesses alike…no wonder space is in such popular demand.

The project has breathed new life into a previously underused building in the ‘White Rock’ district of Hastings town centre. Its nine floors provide living space, work space and a community hub. Its residents and businesses all have to show need, enthusiasm and contribution to the building and the wider community.

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures (WRNV) bought and redeveloped Rock House as a ‘co-habitation’ space. It is a joint venture between three social enterprise organisations. These are Meanwhile Space CIC, Jericho Road Solutions and Power to Change – all of which carry out leadership, ownership, management, investment and development duties.

History of the Rock House Project

WRNV took ownership of Rock House in summer 2014 after securing funded from Big Issue Invest, The Power to Change, Meanwhile Space CIC, Jericho Road Solutions and DCLG. The redeveloped building spreads over nine floors, has 425 squares of living space and 804 square metres of workspace.

Rock House fosters creative enterprise and has generated jobs and self-employment, and continually proves that Hastings is a place to visit, live and work.

Who’s in Rock House?

Read more about the tenants in Rock House here.

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