The mighty Afro Celt Sound System is a must-see experience. Blending so many musical styles and genres and retaining each individual flavour is a real skill, and they have perfected it to the point where other bands trying a similar trick might as well give up!

Congratulations to N’faly for winning the 2018 African Lion Awards ! ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to N’faly for winning the 2018 African Lion Awards !


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Wonderful!...Such a talented musician and performer......




Toute mes félicitations

Thank you Afrocelt team ECC record, Mark C, Simon E, Johnny K

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3 weeks ago

Afro Celt Sound System

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Happy memories ! Our 2010 gig I think ? I remember back stage there was a little old lady with tea and home made cake . Loads of it !! Very happy band and crew . Plus a power cut during the set and a hospital visit for a band member with appendicitis?

We were there! Great gig!

On annonce notre tournée de novembre, prenez des tickets déjà maintenant

Afro Celt Sound System
Tickets for our November 2018 tour are on sale now!
All dates & links ▶️
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Tickets for our November 2018 tour are on sale now!
All dates & links ▶️
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Jacky Olsen?

Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester and Warwick! Tickets secured. Front row and ready to party.

Will the tour be coming to Ireland by any chance? Fingers crossed.

Please come to the U.S.!!!!

No dates in Scotland 😰

David Comiskey x

No Scotland Gig ? Unhappy.

Astrid Krix...@barbican ?

All set for Barbican!!😎

If at all possible Please refrain from posting the inevitable ‘ why aren’t you playing in .... ‘ . I know this always happens when bands post their tour dates but people need to know these gigs are organised through a very complicated process of local and national promoters in negotiation with our agent . Lots of factors come into play like venue availability , band and crew availability and the financial restraints of touring a band the size of the Afro Celts . Needles to say It’s a massive task getting the ACSS on the road but we are delighted to say we are now an established and credible touring outfit so if there’s no Scottish or Welsh dates for this tour it’s not through any choice of the band , we will try and cover these incredible important independent countries 😉 on the next tour - and there will be many. At this point in the bands history its simply the fact no local promoter or venue was free or suitable to put the band on within our very tight gigging schedule .

Russell Cashman have you seen these

You should play Exeter phoenix rather than torquay much better vibe.

Playing at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention this year 👍🏼👍🏼

Amazing band/ collective. First saw them in the 90's on a much smaller scale . First couple of albums are incredible.

Excellent ,Tickets bought for Brighton gig 😜😊 ,can’t wait


On annonce notre tournée anglaise de novembre, prenez des tickets déjà maintenant

What about Cardiff? 😁😉😚 xxx.

Ronnie Halden, if you haven’t seen these guys, they are brilliant. First saw them in 1999 at the Fleidh in Finsbury Park. Backstage with Elvis Costello and John Martyn when Oli Taylor was a few weeks old. I’m tempted to cross the Somerset/ Devon divide !!!

Warwick (front row) and Frome booked. Already excited (but also looking forward to seeing TDF at Wickham again this year) 😁 with Sue Day

I’ve seen them well worth it highly recommend

Carmela Caponi

Still no Scottish dates.😪

Frome....yeah x

Simon Downes

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