UK Subs vs Otway: Hastings celebrity deathmatch at The Fountain


In a no-holds-barred Thursday night tussle, two-times pop starlet John Otway toook on the challenge of following a crow-laden set of post-punk folk-modernism from UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper.

in the cramped and sweaty confined of Hastings’ favourite dive, The Fountain, Otway and Harper were at each other throats all night, and it was only the intervention of Otway’s roadie, Deadly, that prevented a potential popstar fatality.

Watch as Charlie envokes the ‘Little Black Crow’ move…

Then Otway retaliates with ‘Bodytalk’

If you don’t believe us (and truth be told you’d be bonkers if you did) here’s the pictures that tell the story…



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