Billy Liar | Tim Loud – Punk Poets @ The Albion, Hastings


As part of their UK Tour, Billy Liar and Tim Loud hit Hastings…with a bang.

This free gig by two accomplished punk poets was a real barnstormer – only spoilt by the incessant chatter of the girls at the back of the room. Grrr.

Seriously – if you are coming to a live music venue at least have a the good manners to keep the volume down while the musicians are on.


That aside, what a top night!

Two intelligent and witty singer-songwriters on the top of their game.

We really can’t say enough what a good venue The Albion is. The stage provides a real focal point and the sound quality (natter aside) is always ace.

There’s a sensible range of decently-priced beers, and if you are thinking of eating the menu is a good one.

If there’s one thing we’d change it would be the lighting…which has a habit of being a tad on the purple side…but we can forgive that minor indescretion.

 More photos over at our Facebook page.


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