What did we think of the first monthly live session at Hastings newest venue, The Palace? 10/10!


Quite simply – The Palace is a fantastic addition to the Hastings live circuit.

It’s a great space at the back of the venue…big enough to host a decent-sized gig, small enough to be intimate.

The room looks amazing too, with those tremendously fun (and technically well-rendered) photographic re-boots of classic paintings, featuring a host of local characters. Good lighting, chilled atmosphere.

And – importantly – the acoustics work brilliantly.

Oh, and not to mention delicious hotdogs, burgers, and fries, and one of the best selections of beers in the area.

This was the first in a series of monthly nights that will be running in the venue hosted by Jamie Smart.


As an opening salvo he brought along two of the other Hastings musical heavyweights who we’ve come to love since we started checking out the local scene:

King Size Slim (who in fairness had been on our rader for a few years anyway), and relative newcomer to the live circuit, Harry Osborne (front man of someone / anyone).

All three acts delivered a different mood and flavour of soulful blues, funky jazz, and roots. And to keep things interesting they each played two short sets, meaning the pace of the night flowed so well that despite our good intentions of getting to two or three other venues we ended up staying until King Size Slim had played his last tune.

Although we write about music, sometimes it just has to speak for itself

So make the next ten minutes of your life worthwhile and take a look and listen to what the night delivered…

First up this short track from Jamie Smart. It’s called ‘Lucifer‘, and we know you’ll thank us for it…

Next, try a little King Size Slim for size…

 Last but not least, here’s Harry Osborne…



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