Why everyone should love someone / anyone

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Why everyone should love someone / anyone

Talent stands out a mile, and someone / anyone are a mile ahead of the pack.

Harry Osborne and Co. have some great songs and the band really has the polished stagecraft to carry them off.

This is really quite remarkable as they have only been together for a year.

And if I was Chris Martin I’d probably murder for the tunes they already have in their back pockets. There would be a killer Coldplay album out before the funeral rites had been read.

Take a look at and listen to this funky little number (‘Feel‘)

Tonight at The Albion on the Thursday before Christmas there is a lot of competition for where people could go. But it seems in Hastings all the cool kids have descended on this great venue to lap up the someone / anyone vibe and help the band celebrate the release of their latest single, ‘Know‘.

(Check this early acoustic live version, stripped back to the basics)

The song isn’t new, but it’s just been properly produced and turned into something bright and shiny at the band’s studio in Pett (just along the coast from Hastings).

Although Harry is local the band are based all over the country – so that’s yet another reason to be impressed with how tight they are live

(More tagable photos here From Sara Bowrey)

Admitedly there were a few lyricless moments when the obligatory Christmas covers got trotted out, but the way the band handled the moment was yet another reason to applaud their overall professionalism.

It is a very safe bet to say that people will be hearing a lot more of someone / anyone in the very near future.

For a slightly different feel, and to show their range, give this a go: ‘Awake’:


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